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This weekend I’m at UCSF’s National Transgender Health Summit, a biennial conference here in Oakland, CA. This morning I presented at the mental health provider pre-conference on topics related to [Read More]

LGBTQ 201: Inequities, Harvard Medical School, February 2017

On February 27, 2017, I will be speaking at an event hosted by Harvard Medical School’s Center for Primary Care and Office for Diversity Inclusion & Community Partnership in Boston. “LGBTQ Health 201: Inequities” will explore [Read More]

WPATH 2016 Biennial Symposium in Amsterdam


Starting tomorrow, I will be attending the World Professional Association for Transgender  Health (WPATH) Biennial Symposium in Amsterdam, a 5-day conference that draws health professionals who work in transgender health across [Read More]

Slam dunk? No thank you!


In the past year, I have started to hear an alarming number of health care providers (therapists, doctors, surgeons) refer to trans people seeking gender-affirming medical services (such as surgeries [Read More]