Professional Consultation

15232774180_d21c93661bOne of my main interests is training and mentoring other mental health professionals. I provide clinical supervision for therapists in training, as well as professional consultation to other licensed professionals. Consultation may be brief or ongoing. I am especially interested in helping clinicians develop authentic and socially conscious ways of doing therapeutic work.

Here are some topics I regularly provide consultation on:

  • Gender identity and working with transgender and gender nonconforming populations, creating transgender-friendly work and educational environments
  • LGB communities and relationships
  • Internalized racism and other forms of oppression
  • Intercultural relationships
  • Addictions and compulsions, working with people in 12-step or other addiction recovery
  • Managing dual/multiple roles or relationships with clients in small communities
  • EMDR therapy

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Individual Consultation

Consultation Groups

EMDR Consultation