Consultation Groups

Trans/Gender-Focused Consultation Group

Starting in October 2016, I will be running two consultation groups for mental health professionals who would like to develop advanced skills in working with gender diverse clients. Transgender and gender nonconforming clients are extremely vulnerable to discrimination and microaggressions, including from mental health providers. The main aim of my work is to reduce/eliminate this harm. In addition, many available training resources do not go into depth about advanced topics or providing psychotherapy or assessment/letter-writing.

Groups will strongly emphasize intersectional identities, cultural and historical contexts, and an anti-oppression framework. Topics addressed will include: the history of transgender health care, managing gatekeeper roles, assessment and referral for gender-affirming medical services, interdisciplinary collaboration, managing ethical challenges (e.g., dual/multiple role relationships). The group includes a a didactic component and clinical case consultation.

Limited to 5 members in order to provide more clinical support and depth learning. Groups are 1.5 hours and meet monthly. Please contact me if you are interested in joining a consultation group.


EMDR Consultation Group – currently forming

This group is open to clinicians who have completed basic EMDR training and want to strengthen their skills in providing EMDR therapy to clients of diverse backgrounds. Some topics addressed will include applications of the standard EMDR protocol as well as other innovative protocols, addictions, attachment-related trauma, and internalized oppression. As an EMDR Consultant-In-Training, I can provide 15 out of the 20 required consultation hours for people who are working towards certification. Click here to learn more.

Limited to 4 members. Meetings will be monthly for 2 hours.