Trans-Affirming Therapy

Working with people who are transgender and/or gender nonconforming (TGNC), as well as people who have gender identity concerns or questions, makes up a significant portion of my work as a psychologist and mental health professional. As a specialist, I have a personal and professional commitment to not only providing affirming care to my transgender and gender nonconforming clients, but to increasing cultural and clinical competency among other medical and mental health professionals. My personal connection to TGNC communities led me to seek formal training at the Gender Identity Project in New York City in 2005. Since that time, an emphasis on gender has always been part of my clinical practice in various work settings. In addition to maintaining a small private psychotherapy practice, I have worked at Kaiser Permanente’s Multi-Transitions Department (MST), which serves transgender and gender nonconforming people seeking gender-affirming medical services and am currently designing training programs in transgender health. Please note that I am not able to work with Kaiser Permanente members who would like to use their insurance to work with me, as my private practice is a separate entity from my work there.

I believe that people who are supported in living in their authentic gender identities, including being able to access gender-affirming medical care to achieve that goal, allows people to live happier and more fulfilling lives. I work with people of all genders, including those who have nonbinary identities and people of color who don’t necessarily relate to Western or mainstream notions of what it means to be a person of a certain gender. My approach is based in helping clients integrate all aspects of culturally identity fully in order to live authentically. Whether gender concerns are a focus of therapy (as is in the case of assessments for gender-affirming medical services such as hormone therapy or surgeries) or you are seeking a therapist who has enough competence so that you may focus your therapy work on the concerns most important to you, I am happy to help you meet your goals. I also enjoy working with partners, parents, children, and others who are navigating their own reactions and experiences related to a loved one’s gender identity or transition.

In addition to my clinical work with transgender and gender nonconforming clients, I devote much of my time to education, training, and advocacy. I was a member of the American Psychological Association’s Task Force in writing the Guidelines for Psychological Practice with Transgender and Gender Nonconforming People. I provide trainings and presentations at conferences and for community organizations several times a month. If you have an organization that would benefit in basic to advanced training on gender identity or transgender concerns, please contact me to inquire about my training services.